Welcome To Wendover Rifle Club

Your local shooting club for the members run by the members.  

What We Do

The club offers a wide range of different shooting disciplines 

Target Rifle

This involves prone single shot precision shooting using aperture iron sights at ’round bull’ targets. A steady hand is needed! 

Target Pistol

From air pistol upto .44 keep an eye on the target. Things can get a bit tricky. 

Mini Rifle

Things gets a bit faster. Using semi-automatic rifles in .22LR rimfire put yourself against the clock. Remember accuracyis just as important as your time. 

Gallary Rifle

Hold on cowboy/cowgirl ! Ever wanted to be in a western with the iconic underlever rifles. Well ride on down. 

Black Powder Pistol

Feel like part of civil war history. The aera fills with smoke as the "thud" hits your chest. These pistols take some time to master but never fails to reward. 

Black Powder Cannon

"Shiver me timbers" You would think hitting a ship would be easy. Think again. .50 Mini cannons work just the same as there big brothers just uses smaller balls.