Becoming A Member

Now we got you interested, find out how to join us.



Drop us message with your details and we will be in contact and arrange an introduction session.


Intro Session

Come down to our club. Get a feel for what we do and meet some of the members.



Complete the paperwork, give your referances. Send it in.



Spend a couple of hours with us, get fitted for your rife and kit.

Shoot a few rounds and let the fun begin.



Your first 6 months are spent under the helpful guidance of our coaching members. You are not alone. 


Full Member

Well done!

You made it. Having passed your probation you are now a full member. Now, get the kettle on.


There is a minimum age of 14 years for junior membership and only if they are of sufficient stature to support the rifle which is shot prone using a two point sling.

We have a number of trained instructors that can help new members learn how to shoot and the club has all the equipment needed for you to use to start shooting without the need to buy equipment.

Shooting is a very safe sport and to ensure

We are governed by guidelines from the home office, so we are limited by the number of probation members.

You will be told on your introduction session when you can become a probationary member.

The cost of probationary membership is £50 in total for the full 6 months which covers all equipment use and training.

The only extra needed is Ammunition which is very cheap.

Once you pass probation;

Membership subscription is:- £50.00 per year
Juniors and members over 60/65:- £25

Range fee £70 per year or
Range fee per day:- £5.00

The following family discounts apply to the annual membership fee:-
1st Member 100%,
2nd Member less 20%,
3rd Member less 35%,
4th Member less 50%.

Home office guidelines state that you have to a full member of a home office approved club.  After gaining your full membership status with us you will be able to apply to your local police force for your firearms licence.