Wendover Rifle Club was founded in 1943 and moved to its present location in 1967.
Our facilities comprise a heated club house, year-round heated indoor firing point and a 25-yard range with five firing points to outdoor butts. As a Buckinghamshire Club we have access to the County Morris Range, a 50 meter and 100 yard outdoor facility a short distance from the Club. Club nights are Tuesday and Thursday from 7.00 (Shooting starts at 7:30) to 9.30pm, but the range is available daily to full members with there own equipment as long as they are accompanied and certain conditions are met. You do not need to own your own equipment to join the Wendover Rifle Club. The club has everything you need in good working condition that can be used by probationary members to practise and gain experience in the skill of rifle shooting.
We are very keen to encourage junior members and have seen several young people progress to the National Junior Squad. Considerable supervision is exercised over fledgling shooters. The mix if skills and discipline necessary to achieve success, feed into a child's behavior and accomplishment brings with it that crucial sense of achievement, so important to the wellbeing of all children. These are clear benefits unlikely to be induced by hours spent hunched over a computer.
Please note however that we have a minimum age of 14 years for junior membership and only if they are of sufficient stature to support the rifle which is shot prone using a two point sling. We comply with the guidance to policy and procedures for the protection of children and vulnerable adults published by the National Small-bore Rifle Association.
Wendover Rifle Club is affiliated to the National Small-bore Rifle Association, Bucks County Rifle Association and The Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain.
Medals in all shooting disciplines
It is worth reminding people, interested in (or against) shooting as a hobby or sport, that at European, World and Olympic level, British shooters always win medals.  In other words, it is sport at which we excel.